Benoit Alcouffe , visual artist

Autodidact who is in the tradition of contemporary art since Duchamp sanctifies the manufactured object . Work on the subject is in a constant theme of contemporary art from Duchamp, but also J.Koons through the " new realists " French (Arman, César , Villéglé ) . These plates are covered with plate of copper, brass or zinc . It is no longer just a skate or surf because the object is away from its utilitarian function , it is hidden to better reveal the aesthetic appearance of its forms and lines . But blends a clever pun : " The fakir skate " as deliberately inverted to express the incongruity of the work and its surreal . April-June 2008 : " The columns of Ulysses " Abbaye de la Sauve Majeure (Gironde) June-December 2010 : " O Vanity mirror in His box " and " Vitruvian , radiographic self-portrait. " At the Chateau Grimaldi Museum and MDCA , Haut- de- Cagnes September-October 2010 : group exhibition of photographs , Galerie Ferrero , Nice.

MALAGIT, artiste plasticien -